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We enable you to be confident in delivering your cost reduction target

Q. How can the City-Service Transformation service help make you be more successful?
A. We will close 50% of the service quality gap of offshore or outsourced operations within 90-120 days
City-Service Transformation Service
Offshoring can offer attractive cost reductions of 25-65% compared to your existing operations. However despite their best intentions Offshore operations can operate with a significant service quality disadvantage. This can be the source of significant hidden costs to your organisation, either in terms of the inefficiencies created within your own business units that Offshored functions serve or in lost revenues from customers (our work has highlighted that 40-60% of customer churn is down to negative service experiences). When these hidden costs are taken into account much of the savings from Offshoring can evaporate.

Similarly outsourcing holds tremendous promise in terms of sustainable cost reductions. In our experience, you can expect to make 20-30% savings from effective outsourcing. However in many situations the service experience can be significantly worse than before the handover. This can arise for many reasons, sometimes because the scope of the operations being outsourced has been under-estimated. Other times the contract has been taken on at a loss in the hope that significant productivity improvements can be delivered. Regardless your customers and front-line business units can feel they aggrieved that they are paying the cost in terms of disappointing service.

Purpose of the City-Service Transformation service
We believe there is a 'win-win' solution for customers, your business and your service delivery operations whether offshore or outsourced. That solution is based on delivering a great customer experience and focusing on your customers and delivering 'successful customer outcomes'. The good news is that you can deliver a substantially higher quality service at no additional operating cost.
Results & key benefits
We will help you substantially improve the service quality experience delivered by offshore and outsourced service delivery operations whether they support your customers directly or internal business units.
We guarantee to eliminate 50% of your service quality gap within 90-120 days.
Our promise is to deliver you results while we also work to transfer key skills and expertise that will remain long with you after we have left
We ensure that all individuals working with you are sensitive to your organisations values, ethos and culture but not constrained by its politics nor held back from addressing issues by artificial, perceived barriers and constraints
Ultimately, your customers benefit from higher quality service and you get to enjoy the substantial cost savings potential from offshoring and outsourcing.
City-Service Transformation service - How does it work?
Step 1 – Information harvest – “seek first to understand” (Steven Covey – '7 Principles')
Our initial step is to gather together the critical information, data and insights on the status of your key processes. We do this through structured interviews with the key stakeholders, managers and staff involved in the processes. We undertake a process audit and develop an initial process landscape which identifies the hills and valleys of efficiency, effectiveness and alignment. We review the process metrics in place and then seek to understand the critical dependencies (process, people, systems and strategy) and how the key process interdependencies are being managed.
Step 2 – Take control
We take the critical information gathered in Step 1 and map this information against our expert process diagnostic framework and toolset. We can then give you:

1. A prediction of opportunities and risks based on an understanding of the Process landscape.
2. Identification of key risks and challenges that will jeopardise process success in improving significantly productivity.
3. Identification of the root causes of issues most likely to lead to future process failure.
4. A high-level Action plan to correct key issues, incorporating rapid action plan steps to start to drive productivity and reduce inefficiency.
5. An assessment of the key stakeholder buy-in critical to the success of process portfolio across your organisation, your suppliers and partner businesses critical to ensuring successful outcomes and delivery
6. Our expert, independent perspective on how robust your process management & governance disciplines are and answering your concerns as to whether they are fit for purpose
7. And finally our perspective on the suitability of your process development plans and estimations of the benefits to be gained..

Step 3 – Identify root causes and address critical issues
In our experience there are a number of critical factors that consistently stand in the way of process success. We use the information gathered during our structured diagnostic (based on our proprietary methodology developed through our experience of working on strategic projects over 25 years in financial institutions) to determine the most appropriate steps to address the root causes of your current situation.
Step 4 – Action Plan implementation
Finally, we use the diagnostic assessment and resulting Process landscape as the basis to putting together a structured plan (incorporating rapid interventions to get you and your processes back on track quickly). Our in-depth knowledge of financial institutions, their business operations and IT systems allows us to work with you and your team to determine the most optimal path to get you back on track rapidly.
Are you ready to start resolving your difficult challenges?
We are confident we can help you transform the service quality of your offshored and outsourced service operations. We will help you eliminate 50% of the service quality gaps of these operations within 90-120 days. Our work with you is backed by our no-quibble, guarantee – “no fees unless you are completely satisfied.”
If you would like to discuss your particular situation and challenges and how our 'Service Transformation' service can work for you then please feel free to call now for a 'no obligation' initial discussion. You can reach me, John Corr, on Tel: 020 7748 2225 or email me at